The Greengage Summer Collector’s Library Hardback

A new edition from Macmillan is available now.

When their mother is suddenly taken ill on holiday, five siblings are left to fend for themselves at the elegant, faded hotel, Les Oeillets. Under the increasingly jealous gaze of the glamorous patronne, Mademoiselle Zizi, the children gravitate towards her mysterious and charming lover, Eliot, for comfort. And, amongst the gnarled trees of the old orchards, thirteen-year-old Cecil watches from the sidelines as her achingly beautiful sister, Joss, is drawn into the heart of a toxic affair.

A tense, evocative portrait of love and deceit in the Champagne country of the Marne, Rumer Godden’s The Greengage Summer is a hauntingly beautiful coming-of-age story.

The Macmillan Collector’s Library is a series of beautiful gift editions of much loved classic titles

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Black Narcissus coming to BBC One

The BBC is set to produce a three part adaptation of Black Narcissus with screenwriter Amanda Coe. Read the Radio Times article.


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3 new editions from Pan Macmillan complete the Dolls series of childrens’ books

Pan Macmillan has just published 3 new editions of the Dolls series;


The Story of Holly and Ivy, The Fairy Doll and The Dolls’ House now complete the collection and can all be viewed over at Pan Macmillan.

Also in this series;

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Two new editions published by Speaking Tiger

Indian publisher Speaking Tiger has just published 2 new editions;


An accomplished scholar and author of the Humayun-nama, Gulbadan Begam was also Babur’s daughter, Humayun’s sister, and Akbar’s aunt.

In this compact biography, Rumer Godden draws upon the Humayun-nama and other records, as well as her own soaring imagination, to create a portrait of the begam and the Mughal Empire as detailed and exquisite as any miniature.

This rich, broad sweep of history, written from Gulbadan’s point of view, is interspersed with colourful re-creations of goings-on within the zenana and the many diversions and internecine politics of the royal court.

Combining a historian’s rigour with a novelist’s gift for invention, Gulbadan is a timeless classic.


“I will lend it to you,” Subhana said, “so that you can feast your eyes on it.” For two days it adorned the sitting-room of the houseboat. He might have added, “Once it has been in your possession you will find that you can’t live without it.”

The carpet merchant Subhana artfully spins a complex web of charm, enticement and an extended wazwan to make a Persian rug irresistible to a customer. Sister Malone of the Elizabeth Scott Hospital finds her adamantine faith in the power of God and medicine tested when she meets a man quietly but firmly resolved to die. Young Ibrahim of the nomadic Bakriwar tribe, full of fire and sap, descends in a boisterous party from high mountain pastures to fetch his bride home but finds his courage turning to water when he finally meets her. And Miss Annie Passano worries about the comfort of the parrots and the monkey who travel with her and the agony of the bullocks and ponies straining at their harnesses under the hot sun but, when her maid Lily trips and drops a birdcage, cannot stop herself from beating the girl to within an inch of her life.
Compassionate, wise, effortlessly told stories, Indian Dust transcends time and space. This volume is a true classic.

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Open Road Publishes 13 Rumer Godden Ebook titles

US ebook publisher Open Road has released Black Narcissus and 12 other titles which are available to download from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google and Kobo.



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Pan Macmillan publishes 3 new editions

Pan Macmillan have published 3 new editions. Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, Little Plum and The Dolls’ House: Macmillan Classics Edition.

Miss Happiness and Miss Flower

Miss Happiness and Miss Flower

Little Plum

Little Plum

The Dolls House: Macmillan Classics Edition

The Dolls House: Macmillan Classics Edition

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Speaking Tiger publishes 2 new editions

Speaking Tiger has published new editions of Two under the Indian Sun and Rungli-Rungliot {Thus Far and No Further}.

Two under the Indian SunTwo under the Indian Sun was written with her sister Jon. When World War I began in 1914, the sisters—aged six and seven respectively—left England to join their parents in Narayangunj, a village in Bengal. Written with a child’s candour and wide-eyed sense of wonder, Two under the Indian Sun is not just a remarkable chronicle of a shared childhood, but also a vivid picture of everyday life in India of the early 1900s.

publishRungli-Rungliot {Thus Far and No Further} is a journal of the authors time in the 1940s, living for a year in Rungli-Rungliot—an isolated tea estate three thousand feet down the mountain from Darjeeling—with her two daughters, their nanny Giovanna, and four Pekinese. Lyrical, and suffused with gentle melancholy, Rungli-Rungliot evokes a precise sense of place. This book is perfect for lovers of the mountains and the quiet, meditative life.

Delhi based Speaking Tiger was founded in September 2014 by Manas Saikia and Ravi Singh.

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