The Dark Horse, Republished by Virago Modern Classics

The Dark Horse“All horses can walk – some badly, some well, but to a few is given a gift of movement feline in its grace, a slouching, flowing continuous movement that is a joy to watch. Dark Invader strode in glorious rhythm, his great shoulders rolling, muscles rippling along his flanks under the satin skin.”

Dark Invader is a beautifully bred racehorse, but after a disappointing first season he is sold in disgrace and shipped from England to Calcutta. With love and gentle handling ‘Darkie’ wins the hearts of the people and becomes the firm favourite for India’s most famous race, the Viceroy Cup.

But three days before the race Dark Invader disappears. Can he be found before it is too late?

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Virago Modern Classics Republish An Episode of Sparrows

An Episode of Sparrows“A masterpiece of construction and utterly, realistically convincing … Lovejoy, Tip and Sparkey were so real to me that they have stayed alive in my head for more than fifty years” Jacqeline Wilson

Someone has been digging up the private garden in the Square. Miss Angela Chesney of the Garden Committee is sure that a gang of local boys is to blame, but her sister, Olivia, isn’t so sure. She wonders why the neighbourhood children – ‘sparrows’, she calls them – have to be locked out: don’t they have a right to enjoy the garden too? 

Nobody has any idea what sends Lovejoy Mason and her few friends in search of ‘good garden earth’. Still less do they imagine where their investigation will lead them – to a struggling restaurant, a bombed-out church, and, at the heart of it all, a hidden garden.

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Virago and Pan Macmillan republish 13 titles

Rumer Godden is now a Virago Modern Classics author. Virago have just republished 10 titles; Black Narcissus, China Court, A Fugue in Time, Breakfast with the Nikolides,  Cromartie vs the God Shiva, Five for Sorrow Ten for Joy, In this House of Brede, Kingfishers Catch Fire, Thursday’s Children and Listen to the Nightingale.

thursdays-children listen-to-the-nightingale Kingfishers in-this-house five-for-sorrow Cromartie china-court breakfast-with-the-nik black-narcissus a-fugue-in-time

Pan Macmillan have also republished three titles; Coromandel Sea Change, The Peacock Spring and The Greengage Summer.

peacock-spring greengage-summer coromandel-sea-change

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New Edition of Mouse Time

Mouse Time

Mouse Time

Mouse Time is a 2 story volume featuring Mouse House and The Mousewife, first published by Methuen Children’s Books in 1984.

Both stories were originally published as separate hardbacks. This new edition features Martin Ursell’s illustrations from the 1984 edition and an introduction by Julia Eccleshare.

“Here, from a superb story-teller, are two tales of some adventurous mice that are not afraid of change. Both Bonnie in ‘Mouse House’ and the little mouse in ‘The Mousewife’ are bold and brave – they have the courage to try to make life better for their families and their friends. Both find, to their surprise, that their daring rewards them with great happiness.”

Published 2012 by Jane Nissen Books, paperback, £6.99

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New Fairy Doll Collection

The Fairy Doll

The Fairy Doll

Macmillan have issued a new children’s collection entitled “The Fairy Doll & Other Tales from the Dolls House”. This collection includes seven books in one volume with a foreword by Jacqueline Wilson.

“Discover the secret life of dolls in this wonderful collection of classic stories by one of the most celebrated writers for children of the last century.”

With illustrations by Jane Ray, this collection includes:
The Fairy Doll
The Story of Holly & Ivy
The Dolls’ House
Miss Happiness and Miss Flower
Little Plum
Impunity Jane
Candy Floss

Published 2012 by Macmillan Children’s Books, hardback, £12.99 (CDN $19.99)

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The River launches new Virago series

The River by Rumer Godden

The River, new hardback edition from Virago

New hardback edition of The River

The River is to feature in a new range of hardbacks.
It is part of the new VMC Coming Of Age Collection and will be published by Virago Modern Classics as part of the VMC set for adult and young adult readers on 2nd August 2012 price £12.99.


‘You can’t stop days or rivers . . . ‘
Harriet’s older sister is no longer a playmate, her brother is still a little boy. And the comforting rhythm of her Indian childhood – the noise from the jute works, the colourful festivals that accompany each season and the eternal ebb and flow of the river on its journey to the Bay of Bengal – is about to be shattered by a tragic event. Intense, vivid and with a dark undertow, The River is Rumer Godden’s compelling portrait of three siblings on the cusp of adulthood.

Virago say this range of hardbacks will be “much admired and coveted by booksellers and readers as previous VMC hardback series have been”.

Virago Modern Classics will publish 10 Rumer Godden titles in paperback beginning in 2013-14, including the much-acclaimed Black Narcissus, Kingfishers Catch Fire and Breakfast with the Nikolides.

Virago are “hugely excited to launch our publishing of many acclaimed novels by Rumer Godden, a new addition to the Virago Modern Classics…launches our publishing of Rumer Godden, a major new author on the Virago Modern Classics list”.

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Virago launches Young Adult list

Virago launches Young Adult list

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